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SEO Placement = Successful

September 14th, 2012 by

It would appear that my quest to get a placement during my time at university has been successfully accomplished.

The boss at Aberdeen Web Design company Studio NEC has kindly allowed me to join his team with the main part of my daily tasks being involved heavily in the SEO area of their services. I will be joining the team on as many days as I can manage to fit in around my university timetable, but I am extremely excited to get stuck in and start seeing results for both their own website as well as current and future clients.

I’m pretty sure I’m capable enough to make an impact whilst also being able to develop my skills in the field of SEO. My tasks, I believe won’t be only on the optimisation of websites, but also will include dabbling in other web design/development aspects of their client work. This has to be the best kind of placement that I could have asked for as it allows me to get my hands dirty in every aspect of the things I will be learning at uni AND some extra stuff that can only truly be learned on the practical side of things.

I cannot wait to start with them and hope it is the start of something much bigger. Keep an eye on your rankings folks, ‘cos I’m coming for you.

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My summer 2012

September 14th, 2012 by

This summer has been a pretty interesting one for me. I’ve been off university for since March and I’ve struggled to get myself noticed as much as possible by advertising my web design services on Gumtree, Facebook and any other way I possibly could imagine. Nothing came of it for a long time and I gave up trying and just got involved in the local media scene by following local companies and their employees on twitter. This led to striking up friendships and getting to know the people involved in the local business area of which I was looking to enter after I graduated.

Towards the end of the summer I decided I was going to advertise myself again in the hope of getting some little projects to start the cogs in my brain again and blow the dust off my copy of textmate before I headed back to university for my final year. Boy did I not expect what was going to happen next.

Within the space of a few days I was contacted by a local creative design company in Aberdeen asking me to do a freelance project for them. I couldn’t have been happier to oblige as I really wanted to test myself and see what I was capable of. That’s not the only thing though as I was also contacted by a friend on facebook who had spotted my “page” and asked if I would create a website for his business.

The thought of having two projects at once, was something that I looked forward to rather than hated, as it meant I was going to have to test my ability to manage two seperate projects. This would be something that would definitely be advantageous to me in both university and when working in a real client focused environment.

I have completed the freelance project for the company in Aberdeen and still currently working on the other project at the moment, but hope to have it completed in the next few days.


I would just like to extend a big thank you to Deer Digital for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It definitely helped me to develop some of my skills further into something that I would normally not get the chance to.

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Analytics for Twitter | How influential are you?

June 13th, 2013 by

Social media has become one of the best ways to reach your target audience in any field. Regardless of what your product is, pretty much every business should have an online social presence. The only downside to this is that it can sometimes be hard to gauge how much reach and influence you actually have on these different social platforms.

twitter logo

That is until today. Twitter have decided to make their analytics available to everyone for free. Allowing you to track follower stats and interaction stats over the past however many months.

This tool can be found by visiting http://analytics.twitter.com and signing in with your twitter user id and password. You will then have to click on the analytics tab at the top of the page to be taken to the correct analytics page.

Here you will be able to track your progress and how much you engage your followers from your twitter account. If you’re serious about marketing your brand and doing it well then you need to have a way to track your progress.

Hopefully this tool will come in handy in allowing you to do that. Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to start using this or if it’s not something that appeals to you?

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How to become “Youtube Famous”

June 2nd, 2013 by

Youtube Famous


Youtube is an online video sharing platform that has boomed in popularity over the past few years, to the point of allowing people to make careers out of having successful youtube channels. This brings me onto looking into how to turn your youtube videos into a money making career and in turn becoming “Youtube Famous“.


 1. Pick out a theme

In order to become popular on youtube, you must first have a plan of action before even creating your channel. You must first pick out a theme for your channel. This can range from computer games to reviews to how to videos. As long as you have an idea of your target audience before jumping straight in there you’re on the right track.

2. Snappy title

Once you have your theme it’s time to think of a snappy and memorable title for your channel. Having something incredibly long and hard to remember isn’t going to work, so you are best to try and keep it to less than 15 characters, probably closer to 10 if you can manage. Anything more and it’s going to be a struggle for people to remember your channel name. Also make sure that you use real words and letters instead of numbers and made up words. So don’t go for anything like g4m1ng-gen13 as that will make people less likely to remember your name and will in turn hurt your channel in the long run.

So you have your theme and your name. What’s next?


3. Good design

A good channel design goes a long way. So find someone who is good at creating graphics and pimp out your channel to make it stand out. Keep it approachable, but memorable at the same time. Try your best to be unique and don’t just go copying someone else who’s channel design you really like. Sure take some inspiration from them, but at least put your own twist on it.

Theme – Check

Name – Check

Design – Check.

4. Unique Video Content

You’ve got yourself a channel, congratulations. Now all you need is to add good unique video content to them.

I highly recommend planning what you are going to film and speak about before actually even hitting that record button. Having a plan will save time in the editing process, cutting out pieces that don’t make sense or having to redo bits because you’re not happy with what you’ve said, etc. Don’t copy other peoples videos. Try and have some originality and always keep in mind that you are creating something that you would want to watch yourself.


5. High quality filming

Also when filming, be sure to film it in a higher definition format if you have the equipment to. Having an HD video will improve your engagement with the viewers are they are much more likely to stick around and watch a crisp clear video than a really pixellated clip which is hard to hear and see. So be sure to keep that camera steady whilst filming too.

After filming your first video you will need to edit it in order to make it appealing and flow better when watching. Don’t just upload everything you’ve just recorded as it will not keep people watching for long. Editing can be done using a video editing software. Free options are quite limited, so be prepared to pay for a good video editor. For windows users, there is the basic editing software that comes bundled with your computer. That software is called Windows Movie Maker.  It is extremely basic, but will introduce you to the world of video editing gently, so that once you are comfortable and can afford it, you can make the jump to a better paid software.

Mac users can usually find that their Apple laptop comes bundled with iMovie, which is a brilliant piece of software for editing. Much the same as Movie maker, it will help you to create appealing videos with relative ease.

You’re happy with your video and you’ve exported it. It’s time to upload it to youtube.


6. Catchy and informative Title and Description

Be sure when you upload your video that you give it an appealing title and description that makes people want to click on it. This includes as much information that actually relates to your video as possible. This makes it easier for viewers to find when they search and will in turn bring in more viewers to your channel.


7. Build a relationship

The work doesn’t end yet though. You can’t just sit back and expect viewers to come along. You need to go out and engage with other channels. Leave comments and just build relationships with other people on youtube. It’s a big community, so getting to know others is a bonus and can end up building a handy friendship in which other channels will help promote your videos.


8. Don’t Spam

The important thing about commenting though is not to spam. I can’t emphasise this enough. Video makers hate nothing more than people going onto their video channel and leaving comments like “Check out my channel, I’m new and would love to hear what you think about my videos”. This will end up in your channel probably being hated more than loved, so don’t do it.

You can also look around for videos that will allow you to leave a video response. This is where you reply to the persons video with your opinions or take on the topic. It can be a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your channel.


9. Be Consistent

One thing that viewers love is consistency. This can’t come any better than finding a schedule for your videos. Instead of just uploading videos on random days or weeks apart. Try and stick to a certain day to upload. This gives your viewers something to look forward to, but you need to make sure you stick to it, or at least give a valid reason for not uploading on time. This keeps the viewers happy and know that you are really doing your videos for them.

This guide should hopefully allow you to start building up your channel into a successful page that will draw in loads of hits and if you’re very lucky, can even turn into a little money maker for you. Don’t focus on doing it for the money though as viewers will see right through you. You’re doing the videos for them. Money is an extra benefit. Good luck in becoming Youtube Famous.

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